Sponsors & Partners

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The Lagos Model United Nations partners with various organizations to help support our generous financial aid program and the exhilarating experience for delegates at conference, we expect over 500 delegates to be fully immersed in simulations and deliberations at this year’s conference.

We have had the privilege of been sponsored by very reputable companies and organisations, amongst these are Ford Foundation, Youth Hub Africa, Oxfam International, HEDA, Swift NG, Purple, UNIC, Susty Vibes and many others.  We further invite you to partner with us this year in order to achieve our mission which is to promote sustainable development by finding solutions to global issues.

We are certain that, by partnering with you, delegates will receive a thrilling experience at this 3 day conference. Do not hesitate to contact us on usg.communications@lmun.orgs.ng

Best regards,

Omena Akpobome

USG Communications, Media and Partnerships.