Terms & Conditions

By registering for the Lagos Model United Nations, your institutions, individual delegations or group delegations acknowledge the risks involved in participating in this conference.
The Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, The University of Lagos authorities, and the Secretariat of the conference and its staff will not be liable for any damages caused by individuals, either on person or property, whether owned by the faculty of Law, The University of Lagos, or another.
In filling the forms above, we also acknowledge that we will work with your respective institutions and follow their advice in regards to your safety, accommodation and all other relevant guidelines required for us to follow. You also consent, as a delegate, to our use of your images in Lagos Model United Nations promotion materials and our Terms of Use for all our properties, whether document or infrastructure. Upon completing this form you agree to assume responsibility for miscellaneous requirements that may occur during the conference.
• The Lagos Model United Nations welcomes participants between the ages of 16 to 30 from all regions of the world who have a high interest in global affairs and providing solutions for these issues.
• Delegates must be enrolled in a tertiary institution, master’s programme or a graduate programme.
• You have the choice to register individually or in a group.
• Please note, the maximum number of delegates in a group is 10.
• LMUN also welcomes Faculty staff advisers of institutions to come as participants and play an active role during the conference.

• Deadlines must be strictly adhered to, whether it be registration, position paper submission or working paper during the conference.

• The fee for registration is 15,000 only. Late registration is 20,000 only. Staff advisers are not required to pay any fees for registration, however where more than one staff adviser is present, the additional person will be required to pay normal registration fees, as well as accomodation fees.
• You can choose to register as an individual delegate or as a group delegation.
• After registration, payment must be made within 30 days of receiving your payment invoice in your inbox.
• If payment is not made within 30 days, your registration will become invalid and you are advised to register again.
• All payment fees are not refundable.

• LMUN reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by individuals or groups to our website or secretariat. We reserve the right to collect data in the forms of photographs and videos during the conference and social events without limitations.
• Once registered, you agree that no data, results, and material use in LMUN 2018 will be disseminated by publications, reports, conferences or any other form without express written consent from the Secretariat.
• All materials published by the Secretariat are its exclusive property whether it be Back Ground Guides, etc.
• All LMUN materials are its exclusive property whether it be shirts, pens, books etc. subject to express grant or provision by the secretariat to any individual.
• LMUN reserves the right to update and change information on our official website, conference program, social media platforms, and documents and so on until further notice.

• Registrants hereby agree that upon completing the registration process, that all information submitted is truthful and accurate. You must understand that falsification will immediately disqualify you from participation in the Conference until further notice. Legal actions will proceed immediately after discovery of falsification.
• Participants and Delegates agree that all materials produced for this conference will be original work. Plagiarism is not tolerated. The punishment for plagiarism is disqualification: once plagiarism is spotted, the delegation or delegate will be disqualified immediately without a refund.
• Participants and delegates are expected to dress formally and appropriately.
• Sexual harassment will not be condoned in any form. It is contrary to the spirit of the conference, complaints and reports can be made directly to the Secretary General or the Deputy Secretary General or through members of the secretariat. Investigation into such reports or complaints will be duly carried out, and upon sufficient proof of the commission of the act, severe sanctions will be imposed includingimmediate disqualification for delegates, and a ban from subsequently participating in the Lagos Model United Nations in any capacity.
• Participants and Delegates ae expected to abide by the rules and Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
• The staffs of the Faculty, the Secretariat and its offices do not assume responsibility for the behaviour of delegates and participants or any damages caused.
• Delegates and Participants agree to abide by the Code of Conduct published in the Delegate Preparation Guide and decided by the Secretary General.
• Acceptance of the terms and conditions is deemed upon registration and subsequent payment of the registration fee.